More Than Money

The Synergy Group cares for the clients we serve and our community.


Over the years, you likely have heard us speak at our Synergy events and on the radio about the people and causes we have grown to know and support. It’s not something we take lightly, and we feel blessed to share our prosperity with those who need it most.

Since our founding, we’ve made it our mission to do our part in making the world a better place, from caring for orphans in Haiti to the homeless in our own communities, and from protecting the lives of babies to teaching solid Christian values to our children.

Whether in our backyard or across the world, we believe people are people, and each of us has an opportunity to do something for someone we may never meet but who will be blessed by our love. We can all be life-changers.

If you are looking for such a place to share from your abundance, please consider one of these organizations. Our team has seen, often first hand, the results of their work. Clicking on each link will bring you to the organization’s website to learn more.

We all benefit when we consider the needs of others before ourselves. You can be a blessing and be blessed at the same time.

Faithfully yours,

Roy & Jason Laux

There are a number of resources available that provide independent research on charitable organizations such as GuideStar, CharityNavigator and CharityWatch.