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Dinner Workshop with Jason Laux (Nov 11-Jacktown Ride & Hunt Club)


11369 Center Hwy
Irwin,PA15642United States

Jacktown Ride & Hunt Club



November 11


6:30 pm

Potential Problems Retirees Face in Retirement and Strategies to Plan for and Solve Them

You and a guest are invited to join Jason Laux of the Synergy Group for a complimentary dinner and retirement workshop.

At this workshop, Jason Laux will explain how we help successful retirees plan for and solve some of the problems they face in retirement such as:

  • Implementing a tax plan to legally pay the least amount of taxes to the IRS
  • Protecting yourself against probable future tax increases from the IRS
  • Planning for inflation increases and our outlook on what to expect with inflation
  • Developing an Income Plan that is a written blueprint detailing where all of your income is going to come from in retirement
  • Strategizing ways to keep what you have made in your investments in case of a stock market correction, but still not having to abandon growing your accounts
  • Developing a plan for when to collect SSI, how to cover Health Care and Medicare costs, and prepare for possible Long-Term Care costs

Seating is limited for this event!

This event is designed for those who have not yet had a chance to meet us. Call Alyssa at 412-673-7760 ext 414 to register for this event.

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