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Dinner Workshop with Jason Laux and team-Pugliano’s


1808 Golden Mile Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15239 United States




September 21


6:30 pm

Please note: you will receive a call confirming your registration. This workshop is not intended for current clients.

Join us to hear the following and much more!

• What steps you can take now to try to stay ahead of inflation!
• Ways you may be able to reduce your income tax liability each year.
• Explore buffers that can help limit downside exposure and protect gains!
• Learn ways to get money out of tax deferred retirement accounts with the least amount of taxes possible!
• Strategies that may prevent interest rate hikes from hurting your retirement portfolio & quality of life.
• Discuss strategies designed to help reduce, delay, or eliminate capital gains tax!
• Explore strategies that could help you avoid losing 70% or MORE of your IRA to death & income taxes!

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