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How to accumulate enough wealth to travel for leisure

Article Date August 2018

Retirement is the perfect time for weekend getaways, extended vacations, and family reunions. With work-related constraints out the window, you are free to travel at leisure and enjoy the extra time on your hands.

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Strategies for rolling over a 401(K)

Article Date June 2018

When you are starting a new job, one of your first priorities is to decide what to do with your old 401(k). You worked hard for your money and you want it to continue building a comfortable nest egg for your retirement years.

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Why you should attend a retirement planning class

Article Date June 2018

When planning for your retirement, it’s good to know that you don’t have go it alone. A financial advisor can help you to set your financial goals, recommend the right mix of investments for your retirement portfolio, and keep you on track so you will have enough money to live comfortably through your retirement years.

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Here's what you need to know about Roth IRAs

Article Date May 2018

If you are building a nest egg for your retirement, don't overlook a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account).

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Five Things to Know About Your Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

Article Date March 2018

If you want to live comfortably during your golden years, you are going to need a nice nest egg.

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Tax Brackets Info Graphic

Article Date February 2018

Taxpayers should know how new tax laws will impact their filings for 2018.

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20 Ways To Stay Busy In Retirement

Article Date November 2017

Most of us dream of hitting retirement age, the age in which we will have the time to do the things we always dreamed of doing. However, an active life is important to both your mental and physical health, and finding ways to stay active after you retire will help you to fill the days.

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What You Need To Know If You Plan On Retiring Overseas

Article Date October 31, 2017

A new survey by Travel Market Report, an online business publication, has published a new survey about retirees who have elected to retire in countries outside the United States. The study reports that an estimated 3.3 million retirees from the Baby Boomer generation have plans to retire overseas.

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10 Best Overseas Places To Retire

Article Date October 30, 2017

Choosing the right place to retire is not only the fulfillment of the American dream, it is essential to your future. While in the past, it was common for retirees to move to southern destinations in the United States, current trends have more retirees moving overseas. International Living publishes a yearly list of the best countries to retire overseas, taking into account the country’s health care, cost of living, and overall climate

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Planning for Your Retirement: What's Next?

Article Date September 28, 2017

So, you’re retiring! You’ve worked your entire life for this exact day, but you’re beginning to wonder, what’s next? Don’t be overwhelmed, take this change of life with stride. Like any upcoming event, set aside the time to plan what you’d like to do during this new chapter. This month, the financial planners at Synergy Group’s are sharing why it’s a good idea to plan for your retirement early.

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Planning for Your Retirement: A Financial Outlook

Article Date September 15, 2017

You’ve made it! You are just months from retiring. It’s a time of excitement and elation, and maybe even a party or a well-deserved vacation. You’ve taken all the steps to get here, but have you taken the time to really think about your on-going financial needs post-retirement? While many Baby Boomers aren’t sure they’ll ever retire, the financial advisors at Synergy Group, are offering some tips on you how you too can plan for a comfortable retirement.

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Top 5 U.S. Cities to Retire

Article Date August 30, 2017

Ah….retirement! That 10-letter word you’ve waited a lifetime for! And while some people plan on picking up a new hobby or spending more time gardening, you’ve decided to sell your house and move to your dream destination. However, planning your retirement and choosing where to go can be a bit overwhelming. Do you look forward to spending your days relaxing on a sunny beach or are you seeking a more active lifestyle with a view of the mountains? At The Synergy Group, our Financial Planners can help you meet your retirement goals. This month The Synergy Group shares a list of U.S. destinations where we think you’ll get this most bang for your buck.

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Synergy Group Clients Enjoy Night on the Town with Carol Burnett

Article Date October 27 2016

OCTOBER 27- The Synergy Group hosted a special event for it's clients and their guests in downtown Pittsburgh, providing a night full of laughs, great food, and great company. Synergy invited 120 clients and guests to Morton's Steakhouse, where they had the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet meal in a comfortable setting and learn more about how The Synergy Group operates.

Synergy Group advisors Jason Laux and Terry Judy engaged with audience, offering important advice on a variety of financial topics and how the 2016 election could affect financial decisions moving forward. Following the brief discussion and the conclusion of the dinner, the clients and guests headed over to Heinz Hall to experience the legendary Carol Burnett on stage.

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