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Top 5 U.S. Cities to Retire In

Top 5 U.S. Cities to Retire

Article Date August 30, 2017

Ah….retirement! That 10-letter word you’ve waited a lifetime for! And while some people plan on picking up a new hobby or spending more time gardening, you’ve decided to sell your house and move to your dream destination. However, planning your retirement and choosing where to go can be a bit overwhelming. Do you look forward to spending your days relaxing on a sunny beach or are you seeking a more active lifestyle with a view of the mountains? At The Synergy Group, our Financial Planners can help you meet your retirement goals. This month The Synergy Group shares a list of U.S. destinations where we think you’ll get this most bang for your buck.

Venice, Florida

If you like sunsets on the beach, but California is just too far, look no further than Venice, Florida. The City of Venice is located on the west coast of The Sunshine State, meaning residents of this Gulf Shore community have the opportunity to enjoy an East Coast sunset every night of the week. For those looking for fun in the sun, look no further! There are places to snorkel, opportunities to bike along the Intercostal waterway, chances to play tennis on free public courts, golf and more. If the Arts & Culture scene appeals to you, Venice offers an array of concerts, shows and theatre attractions. Choose from golf course communities to preserved historic 1920’s homes, condos on the beach and assisted living facilities. And with a great healthcare system, Venice, Florida is an absolute contender for one of the best places to retire.

Prescott, AZ.

If a city with a rich history, growing economy, beautiful surroundings and low housing prices interest you, maybe it’s time to make a trip out West. The City of Prescott is located in northern Arizona where you’ll enjoy beautiful sun without the extreme Arizona heat. This old mining town is filled with man-made lakes and hiking trails. The city boasts a series of annual events, several art fairs and holiday soirées. A nice mix of old and new, there is something for everyone in Prescott, AZ.

St. Augustine, Florida

In northeast Florida, you’ll find the quaint historic community of St. Augustine. Established in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S. and because of the tourism, its economy is a booming one. If you’d like to spend your retirement relaxing, but still somewhat active in the workforce, tourist attractions are always looking for volunteers. St. Augustine’s event calendar offers something to do every day of the week, including many events that are free. From concerts to the theatre stage, weekly farmers markets to recurring monthly events, your social life will be busier than ever in St. Augustine! There are also several golf courses, places to kayak and fish, cycle, and horseback ride.

Beaufort, South Carolina

Moss-draped oaks, antebellum mansions and Southern hospitality are just a few of the charming things you’ll find in historic Beaufort, SC. With a friendly atmosphere, both energetic and relaxing, there is something for every retiree here. Enjoy birdwatching in the area’s wetland sanctuaries or meet new friends for coffee at any one of the locally owned cafés. Take advantage of kayaking and boating around the 200 islands that dot the Atlantic coastal region. Take up sport fishing, golfing and cycling or just relax on the sandy beaches. The economy is very stable in part because of the tourist culture and several military installations. Good healthcare is easy to find thanks to nearby Beaufort Memorial Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital, just 17 miles away.

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