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20 Ways To Stay Busy In Retirement

20 Ways To Stay Busy In Retirement

Article Date November 2017

Most of us dream of hitting retirement age, the age in which we will have the time to do the things we always dreamed of doing. However, an active life is important to both your mental and physical health, and finding ways to stay active after you retire will help you to fill the days.

In order to avoid boredom and give yourself a sense of purpose, planning ahead can give you numerous ideas for ways to stay active during your retirement years. While some have a number of hobbies and interests to help them stay busy, others may need some fresh ideas:

  1. Volunteer - There are numerous opportunities to help others in your community, which will not only help you keep busy yourself, but provide you with a sense of purpose in giving back to others.
  2. Join a group exercise class - Many gyms have exercise programs designed specifically for seniors. This gives you a chance to stay active and social.
  3. Plant a flower or vegetable garden - Yard work is excellent exercise that adds value to your days and your home. Try growing some more exotic flowers or uncommon vegetables.
  4. Crafting - There are numerous possibilities when it comes to crafting, to making blankets for the needy to selling your wares at local craft shows. Handmade crafts also make excellent gifts!
  5. Join a card-playing group - Whether its a Poker Night or afternoon bridge, playing cards is a great way to be social while engaging in something enjoyable.
  6. Take a cooking class - There are numerous recipes to explore, and many healthy meals to be made. Taking a class can help you to form good eating habits while staying busy.
  7. Travel - A main goal of many retirees, traveling can involve seeing the local sights, traveling across the U.S. in an RV, or even flying to another country.
  8. Learn a musical instrument - Whether you’re looking to learn some songs to play for family and friends, or looking to jam with fellow musicians, learning an instrument is a great way to stay active and young-at-heart.
  9. Take up photography - Not only will you be learning a new interest, you can document your experiences through your photos, even making photo books for loved ones.
  10. Try hiking the local trails - A beneficial activity that will keep you active and outdoors, hiking may also show you new areas you’ve never explored before.
  11. Learn a new language - It’s healthy for the mind as well as the body to stay active. You can even plan a trip out of the country to practice your new language skills.
  12. Join your local social organizations - Now is the time to get involved in all of the things you wanted to do, but never had the time to do. Find out which organizations suit your interests and how to get involved.
  13. Spend more time with family - Whether its children or grandchildren, plan a visit as well as some things to do while you are with them. Grandchildren in particular will benefit from this closer relationship.
  14. Write - Whether its articles for a local community paper or a personal journal, writing is a way to express yourself while keeping your mind active.
  15. Try a new sport - Whether its bocce at the local court or a local softball league, sports teams in particular are a great way to be social while staying active.
  16. Get involved with your local religious organization - Whatever your faith, religious organizations are always looking for volunteers. Its the perfect way to occupy your mind and your time.
  17. Learn a new skill/trade - Whether you are interested in carpentry to build a new cabinet, or computers to keep up with technology, learning a new skill will come in handy while keeping you healthy!
  18. Work on your home repairs - You will be able to enjoy the benefits of your work while staying busy and adding value to your home.
  19. Become a foster parent for pets - Not only will you love having the company, you will be doing a great service to the local animals in your community that are in need of loving homes.
  20. Research your family tree - Now is the perfect time to learn more about your family’s roots - where they came from, who they were, and how they came to be where they are.

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