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10 Best Overseas Places To Retire

10 Best Overseas Places To Retire

Article Date October 30, 2017

Choosing the right place to retire is not only the fulfillment of the American dream, it is essential to your future. While in the past, it was common for retirees to move to southern destinations in the United States, current trends have more retirees moving overseas. International Living publishes a yearly list of the best countries to retire overseas, taking into account the country’s health care, cost of living, and overall climate. The results, called the Annual Global Retirement Index, are ranked according to their overall scores. The following are a list of the top cities according to the results:

  1. Mexico - Mexico’s overall score of 90.9 officially marks it as the best place in the world to retire, according to the publication. Close to 1 million retirees living in Mexico are able to take advantage of the dollars to pesos conversion rate, which allows them a comfortable life at an average of $1,200/month.
  2. Panama - Second on the list of top overseas places to retire, Panama’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, friendly citizens and warm climate make it a comfortable place to retire.
  3. Ecuador - With numerous discounts for those over the age of 65, Ecuador is an affordable country to live for retirees. A range of climates are within the country, offering a choice to those looking for a permanent residence there.
  4. Costa Rica - For over thirty years, Costa Rica has beckoned to retirees looking to relocate. The cost of living is low, an estimated $2,000-$3,000 per month, and the health care is exceptional.
  5. Colombia - With rents varying between $500 to $1,250, depending on the area chosen, Colombia has something for everyone, including beaches and city living.
  6. Malaysia - With three federal territories and 13 states within its borders, Malaysia offers a wide variety of sights and living experiences. With excellent public transportation and friendly citizens, many visit Malaysia with the intention of eventually retiring there.
  7. Spain - While European retirees have long taken advantage of Spain’s low cost of living, American seniors are jumping on the bandwagon to relocate. The laid back pace of the city and rich history are an additional draw.
  8. Nicaragua - With an estimated $1,500 a month needed to live comfortably, Nicaragua’s warm climate, chocolate, and award-winning coffee are a continuous draw for those looking to explore its natural wonders.
  9. Portugal - Portugal’s extensive history, local cuisine, and popular landmarks offer retirees a comfortable living in Lisbon, noted as one of the oldest cities in Europe.
  10. Malta - Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has beauty, a warm climate, and mild winters, all of which make it a popular retirement destination.

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